Payments Policies


Transfer to the SPEI, deposit in cash or check.


Bank Account

Bank account: JP Morgan Chase Bank

Account Number: 359953772

Routing Number: 322271627

International Transfers: CHASUS33

Recognition times and payment application:

IBAN: 2 hours

PayPal 60 minutes

Cash deposits or check 24 hours.

Once the payment is released you must send the voucher to the following email:

Please confirm the purchase, otherwise it will be cancelled, after 24 hours you confirmed the orden, in the event of the payment being refused.

Invoice Request

Invoice request period: 7 working days after purchase. Please send e-mail to

  • -   Full name and business name
  • -   TAX ID
  • -   Payment Method
  • -   Fiscal address
  • -   Order number
  • -   Phone number

Payment to months without interest

The following cards are accepted to participate in promotion of payments

Online Chat Service 

Monday - Saturday: 7:00am to 5:00pm