Privacy Policy

The personal requested information for contact identification, financial and sensitive (as well as those that can be contained in our registration form, named as “Personal Information” are treated by TODO CHEAP, INC. (now on “TODO.CHEAP”) with address at 10065 VIA DE LA AMISTAD STE A2 SAN DIEGO CA 92154-5213 with the following primary purposes:

  • - Updating the personal information of our customers.
  • -Creation of your account for the sale merchandise and home delivery.
  • -Online shopping (deposits on products, make orders, process delivery).
  • -Notify the actual status of the order.
  • -Complete payment process and billing in case if required.
  • -Answering questions, doubts, comments, suggestions, clarifications, returns and the follow up for each customer needs.
  • -Quality service.
  • -We can treat your Personal Information for secundary purposes that are listed below:
  • -Send promotions, advertising, benefits and discount coupons.
  • -To know your consumer habits and preferences to offer you the exact products for your needs.
  • -Make market studies, market segmentation and statistics.
  • - To be able to invite you to participate in our events, contests, promotions, activities in social networks, web page, store, app devices, call center, etc.

We make your knowledge that from the moment you register your account and make a purchase, you will be giving us your consent to collect your Personal Information for the purposes of the provisions of this Privacy Notice

Aditional of the information you give us, we can also collect information such as the IP address, MAC address, type of user’s browser, domain name and specific pages within the site through which you have access as well the time of interaction with the website and cookies in order to fill the statistics of the browsing behavior of our users, information of products that may be of your interest. Personal Information is stored in databases with limited access.

At the moment you shop online, you will be asked for banking information, which will be handled safe, complete and confidential manner since we use security certificates.

Your Personal Information will be treated base don the principles of lawfulness, consent, quality, purpose, loyalty and responsability in terms of the Legislature. Te confidentiality of your Personal Information will be maintained establishing effective administrative security measures to avoid damage, los, alteration, destruction, access or undue disclosure.

Procedure to give attention to ARCO Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition), revocation of your consent to the processing of your Personal Information and limitation of use or disclosure of these.

The Personal Information you give to us in your right application ARCO, request for revocation of your consent to the processing of your Personal Information or request for limitation of use or disclosure thereof, will be treated with the following primary purpose:

Give procedure, investigation, resolve and respond to any requests mentioned before.

ARCO rights, revocation of consent.

To begin the process of ARCO Right application (Access rights, Rectification, Cancellation, or Opposition of your Personal Information) or for the revocation of your consent on the proccess of your Personal Information, you can do it through a written message adressed to us.

Limitation on divulgation use.

You can limited the divulgation use of your Personal Information to stop receiving advertising messages or promotion through the following means:

Cancel your subscription that is inside the messages you receive via email.

Buy a letter addressed to the Privacy Office.

Any modification or update to this privacy notice will be published on this website, so we recommend the continuous review of it.





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