Legal Disclaimers

Use of the site

Services, contents and products offered by TODO.CHEAP ONLINE are directed and reserved for users older tan 21 years old. In case the user is younger, it will be under the responsability of the parents or guardians, who must supervise the actions executed by the minors within our website. 

TODO.CHEAP may cancel or restrict the account in which it is detected as inappropriate use in our platform and/or services offered in it, understanding as “improper use” of enunciative way, the following cases:

  • -        Use automated tools or mechanisms or similar in order to perform the extraction, collection and obtaining any information contained in the site.
  • -        Try to modify or change the tools formats on the website as well as the contents thereof.
  • -        Use of HTML codes for someone else.
  • -        Copy, reproduce, publish, distribute, download or display any content of the site, by any means, whether digital or printed.
  • -        Access with an unauthorized user.
  • -        Falsify any content of the platform.
  • -        Perform activities outside the law, among which is the falsification of identity or payment methods among others.
  • -        Every information register at the platform, as well as the fulfillment of the same.
  • -        Once the purchase is confirmed and process of payment is released, the user agrees to be in agreement with the sales conditions, as well as with the billing information.

 Prices, products and services information

The information of all products within our platform, is attached and relative to its characteristics, however if the product or service presents a different function from the presented in our platform, a refund may be made in compliance with our Return Policy that is specify below:

  • -        Original packaging.
  • -        Original accessories.
  • -        Within the established period, among others.

All images at our platform are illustrative and published in a orientative way, there may be some variation in the tonality presented between the article show on our website and the physical product.

We recommend to verify in each operation the condition and characteristics before making the payment of purchase payment, purchase payment ascertain in the terms and conditions that apply specifically for each product such as the warranty. 

Prices are subject to change without period notice.

All our promotion apply exclusively under the established term.

The cost may change acording the volumen and weight of the product.


TODO.CHEAP as distributor of the products it sells, it adheres to the guarantee policies of each manufacturer. For more details, review our Guarantee Policies where you will find the specifications for each product line or specific Brand in which you apply some special consideration, all attached to the provisions and terms established in the Federal Consumer Protection Law. 

Payment Methods

Review our Payment Forms module for more details.

TODO.CHEAP do not make addicional charges to your credit card. All our products are in nacional currency.

In case that the validation or authentication of receipt of the payment is nos posible, the purchase process will stop and the user will be informed through the contact information provided.

All purchases are subject to bank authorization, in the event that the purchase is not approved by your bank, we will ensure that you do not receive any charges for it.

Shipping and Delivery Forms

Review our Delivery Forms for more details.

The processing time of purchases may change from those mentioned in our Shipping Forms, due to the type of product, considering the complexity volume or special events.

The purchase process as the delivery process, starts after the payment is released.

The payments of the confirmed orders must be released in 24 hours or it will be cancelled. 


Every refund applies only under the following assumptions: 

  • -Merchandise partially received.
  • -Merchandise received in por condition.

 Shipping cost are not refundable.

 TODO.CHEAP is committed as a first instance to get the correct product, complete and in good condition ay no cost to our customers within 96 hours after the report. In case of not being able to comply with the aforementioned correction, the reimbursement of the amount paid will be made within the following 48 hours.

Some Some of the considerations that our users should take into account depending on the product line are the followiong: 

  • -        Electronic and physical ítems: they must arrive with the accessories and complete instructions.
  • -        Clothing: only returns are accepted for manufacturing defects.
  • -        Consumables: no refunds apply.
  • -        Jewerly: only returns are accepted for manufacturing defects.
  • -        Cellphone and Accessories: no refunds apply.
  • -        Software: no refunds apply.


As all orders starts to process immediately after the payment process is released, once this payment is confirmed, it is not possible to cancel and it must be processed as a refund.

All refunds will be executed within a period no longer tan 48 hours.

In case of purchases with interest-free payments, the refund will be made les the commission for the partialization of the payments. 

Guarantees and Returns Policies

Any anomaly with the products purchased must be reported within 24 hours after receiving the product.

In the event that the returns proceeds, all products must be delivered in their original packaging, including receipt asa accessories and manuals.

It is necessary that the product is completly new and unused.

Refunds won’t be accepted on the following terms: 

  • -        The guarantee seal on product packaging.
  • -        Product with physical damage.
  • -        Incompatibility or wrong configuration.
  • -        Package is not the original or presents alterations or signs of abuse.
  • -        Report outside the established time.
  • -        Used product.
  • -        Repaired product by third parties.
  • -        Products with no warranty.

All products apply a guarantee according to the manufacturer’s policies. For more information, consult an online executive. 

Use of Information

All brands, as well as content of our portal, are protected by the aplicable Mexican Industrial and Intellectual Property Legislation, therefore, both TODO.CHEAP as the brands are within the platform all the rights of the products and contents within the platform are reserved. Access to our site does not grant or become a license with respect to the rights of each owner.